Meet Our Team

Our philosophy is to Unite children through a love of sports with the passion of our staff being key. We believe that by promoting good values during a session will translate to good values away from the session. This is why all staff will always have a positive mind-set; body language and will help implement the same values within our participants. We believe that encouraging children to work together in team based activities will overall have the greatest impact in helping children become “United through sports”.

Kevin Arnold

“Sport is a powerful activity that can unite people of different backgrounds. That is why it is my ambition to take the leading steps towards helping young ignite the flame of a new passion, refine the skills they already possess and create everlasting memories”

Matthew Wardell

“I remember as a child the excitement of going to a sports camp or session and receiving the opportunity to not just develop new and existing skills, but creating memories that have inspired me to take the step forward into giving the next generation that opportunity.”